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pSeven, with its Airbus roots, brings deep experience in Aerospace disciplines and associated engineering domains. Over a decade, we have helped commercial aircraft companies, engine manufacturers, tier-one suppliers or defence and space market leaders to develop better products, faster thanks to our pSeven software framework.

pSeven, as unified environment embedding process automation, design space exploration and predictive modelling capabilities, enables multidisciplinary studies and rapid identification of optimal designs. Aerospace sector is well known for being one of the most rigorous and regulated market. Engineering activities deal with extremely complex systems sometimes operating in extreme conditions moreover highly constrained by regulation rules. Improving designs in such context requires advanced engineering methods and cutting-edge software solutions to run trade-off analysis in high dimensional space. Designs obtained thanks to decision aiding solution pSeven are best compromises between conflicting requirements such as: lower fuel consumption or CO2  emissions, reduced noise level, higher performances and, on the other hand, lower maintenance cost or higher operating profits for various mission types. Nowadays, systems complexity and regulations constraints have reached such level that only advanced analytical tools like pSeven allow engineers to efficiently navigate in the global Design Space and make good design decisions.


Examples of results that can be achieved with pSeven:

  • Improved fuel consumption and reduced CO2 emissions
  • Reduced maintenance cost and increased service life
  • Improved aerodynamic performance
  • Increased payload and range
  • Improved safety and lower accident rate
  • Reduced radar contact and more.

Trusted by industry leaders worldwide

Aerospace industry leaders worldwide — Airbus, Airbus Defense & Space, Airbus Helicopters, ArianeGroup, Korea Aerospace Industries, Stelia Aerospaceand others — apply pSeven at various stages of aircraft development.

Concept stage

  • Combine different models and data sources
  • Involve multiple physics
  • Estimate the impact of uncertainties
  • Run trade-offs studies
  • Optimize early in the design process

Design stage

  • Automate multidisciplinary engineering workflows
  • Implement scalable methodologies
  • Build predictive models using ML/AI
  • Reuse engineering data
Better design decision at early stage of development cycle
Shrink development cycle


“Optimization allows to get the best out of your design idea”, -

Thierry Chevalier, Chief Engineer Digital Product Development & Manufacturing at Airbus Group

“MACROS* helps Airbus to perform its trade-off studies more efficiently across all development phases and to find more opportunities in the design of the future aircraft”, -

Charles Champion, Executive Vice President Engineering, Airbus* former name of pSeven Core

Airbus achieves an ‘industry first’ with the multi-objective optimization of its aircraft families with pSeven’s “MACROS” software

Airbus to reduce lead times in numerical analysis activities for aircraft design

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