pSeven and pSeven Core product capabilities matrix, usage policy and end-user license agreement can be found below.
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Product Capabilities Matrix

Workflow Construction        
Workflow execution, including command line and batch mode
Results visualization and analysis
Design Exploration        
Design of Experiments        
Adaptive Design of Experiments        
Design Optimization        
Uncertainty Quantification        
Predictive Modeling        
Building & Managing Models        
Data Fusion        
Dimension Reduction        
Model Export        
Generic Integration
Integration via command line interface and external files
Engineering Tools Integration
Direct integration with MS Excel and FMI models
Direct CAD Integration
One interface to be chosen from SolidWorks, CATIA, NX, Creo and KOMPAS-3D
Direct CAE Integration
Direct integration with ANSYS Workbench, FloEFD and STAR-CCM+
User Blocks Integration
Creating and using custom user blocks in the workflow
HPC Interfaces
Remote execution of external software via pSeven Agent and interfaces to High-Performance Computers via LSF, TorquePBS and Slurm

- Also available as a standalone module

- Also available as a standalone module coupled with Runner functionality

Usage Policy

Free Demo

Try pSeven and pSeven Core with no charges:

  • No license fee applies
  • 30-days usage period for personal purposes
  • Node-locked license type
  • Fully functional software


Choose license type and functionality that fits your company needs:

Licensing subscription model:

  • Perpetual — for permanent usage
  • Annual — 1-year usage term

License types:

  • Node-locked
  • Floating (country)


Start mastering usage of optimization and data analysis methods today and be competitive tomorrow!

Three types of annual academic licenses offered:

  • Student licenses - free
  • Teaching licenses
  • Research licenses

All academic licenses are for a non-commercial use only.


End-User License Agreement

Please, read terms and conditions of using pSeven software.

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Licensing Scheme

pSeven Enterprise is a web platform for enterprise deployment in private or public cloud. The platform consists of a set of containerized web applications and services, running the Kubernetes orchestration system. Due to the Cloud collaborative nature of the software, license model is different from pSeven Desktop version.

pSeven Enterprise is licensed based on the following 2 criteria:

Criteria #1 ― Number of named users. Base (minimal) configuration provides characteristics stated below:
Number of pSeven servers  One server
Number of named users

5 active named users (One pack)

Active users are assigned by the system administrator from an unlimited list of declared users

Maximum number of workflows running in parallel 10 workflows max running in parallel (twice the number of active users)
Number of computation nodes 16 CPU cores as computation nodes
Types of workflow Basic. No Datadvance proprietary data analytics or optimization algorithms available
Criteria #2 (optional) ― Data analytics and Optimization extension packs:
Feature packs Any combination of:
  • pSeven Analytics (predictive analytics)
  • pSeven MDO (predictive analytics & optimization) 
  • pSeven Ultimate (all features including Uncertainty Quantification, and User Block interfaces)
Types of workflow Advanced. Datadvance proprietary data analytics and optimization algorithms

License Types


1-st year maintenance is included.

Starting from the second year, annual maintenance cost is 20% of the amount paid for the software.


Maintenance is included.


Contact Information

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phone  +33 (0) 5 82-95-59-68


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