Collaborative engineering

pSeven Enterprise improves collaboration within and between the teams with simultaneous multi-user access and co-authoring of the workflows in real-time.

Workflow co-authoring and sharing

pSeven Enterprise is a true multi-user system: different users connect simultaneously to the same server and easily share workflows or data, which is enabled by the concept of a shared workspace. pSeven Enterprise is the only platform with the co-authoring capability right in the cloud. Several people can connect to the same workflow and add and configure blocks simultaneously.

Workflow co-authoring in a single and centralized system

  • pSeven Enterprise provides simultaneous multi-user access to the workflow with co-authoring capability, which means that several people can connect to the same workflow and work on it - add and configure blocks - simultaneously. If one user does something, the other users will see the effect immediately.
  • The data resulting from workflow runs can be shared among the teams in the MDA/MDO multi-team approach, that facilitates collaboration.

Private and shared workspaces


User workspaces in pSeven Enterprise can be private or shared.

  • Private workspace is not located on the user machine, but is a home directory on the server where the user can manage his own files, workflows, data, etc.
  • Also, the user has access to the shared workspaces. Shared workspaces are designed for departments or teams to share and edit workflows, results and files depending on the user roles (read/write or read only mode), just as like using Google Docs.
  • Administrators have access to the user management and rules, as well as to the private and shared workspaces of all the users.

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