Design Space ExplorationDesign Exploration

Explore various design alternatives and easily find optimal solutions with Design of Experiments and Design Optimization strategies.

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ApproximationPredictive Modeling

Predict response values for new designs, accelerate complex simulations and capture knowledge from vast amounts of data with automatic and adaptive technique choosing.

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WorkflowProcess Integration

Automate complex product development processes by integrating all your CAD/CAE software into a single workflow, define its logic and take advantage of HPC.

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Solve complex engineering problems with no specialized competence required: SmartSelection technique automatically chooses the best algorithm or technique for a given problem.

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pSeven Enterprise

All of the above and much more!

Low-codeLow-code automation

Capture even the most complex engineering processes, define its logic and collect, analyze and reuse engineering data thanks to powerful workflow engine and low-code approach.

Collaborative engineeringCollaborative engineering

Collaborate easily with your teammates, suppliers or partners: private and shared workspaces, simultaneous co-authoring of workflows and analysis of results in the cloud.

Service orchestrationService orchestration

Automatically convert workflows into web services with REST API with full control over runs: who executed, when, run status etc.

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Latest releases

Release 2024.03 of software platform for Design Exploration and Predictive Modeling

pSeven v2024.03

  • Updated the Linux version of pSeven for compatibility with Red Hat Linux versions 8 and above, and other Linux distributions based on Red Hat Linux.
  • Updated block documentation: added the Const, Echo, and Random block pages.

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Release of pSeven Enterprise v2024.03

pSeven Enterprise v2024.03

  • Design space exploration block (beta) now supports the evaluation history and intermediate results files for the space-filling DoE techniques (LHS, for example) and Gradient-free optimization.
  • In the deployments that run blocks natively on Kubernetes now it's possible to set up network policies for blocks.
  • Fixed an issue with the environment variables where the block runtime environment provided access to a number of system-level variables, which must not be available to the block.
  • And more!

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