Academic program

pSeven academic program is an initiative to support the academic process worldwide with the newest software tools and expert knowledge in the domain of data analysis, design optimization and automation of engineering processes.

Academic licensing

We provide students, teachers and researchers worldwide with the academic licenses for pSeven and pSeven Core software for educational and research purposes and support to foster the specialists skilled in multidisciplinary design optimization and predictive modeling:

  • Fully functional product licenses are available at a special price for educational purposes. Request an academic license and contact your local sales representative.
  • Academic users have access to the same product documentation, tutorials and support that are available for commercial users.
  • Training courses for students are organized upon request.

There are three types of Academic licenses:

Student license

This is a free and fully functional pSeven license for a university student for his/her personal use on a personal laptop or home computer for non-commercial studies. This license can be requested only by an individual student and not by an academic institution.

Receipt of an individual academic license is at the discretion of pSeven SAS and implies the following conditions:

  • The requester is a part-time or full-time student of any term or a student working at the bachelor's, master's, doctoral, or equivalent degree.
  • To prove student status, a scanned copy of a student’s dated student ID must be submitted.
  • The license is valid only for the period of study at the university.

Teaching license

This license may be used by educational institutions only for student instruction, student projects and student demonstrations in the academic classrooms, without making profit or research.

Teaching licenses should be purchased for each student and teacher in a group. Software should be used for a standard educational program in the course of regular classes held at least annually.

Research license

This is a fully functional license for research activities for professors, students or groups of academic researchers.

Apply for license

Special terms

According to the terms of End-User License Agreement, all Academic licenses may not be used for any commercial activity, such as:

  • Commercial production design, design validation or design assessment work
  • Commercial manufacturing engineering work
  • Commercial research
  • Consulting work performed by academic students, faculty or academic account staff
  • Training of commercial company employees
  • Competitive analysis (benchmarking)

Joint research activities

We partner with academic institutions and research centers to jointly execute the commercial projects and perform research:

  • pSeven SAS offers academic partners the opportunity to execute the research and commercial projects using pSeven and pSeven Core.
  • Students and teachers reinforce their successful projects portfolio and get a broad exposure to the industry. Software licenses are offered at a special rate, affordable for academic institutions. Expert support of pSeven SAS can is provided upon request.
  • To enhance the visibility of academic research activities to the scientific community, pSeven SAS publishes the selected papers at the website and in the scientific magazines with the consent of the author. See some selected publications, including academic ones, and read the Citation Rules below if you plan to create a publication.

Citation rules

When writing a technical paper, article, thesis, poster or presentation, you may need to reference pSeven SAS or its products. Please follow the rules below to avoid any violation.

Product names, trademarks and copyright:

  • Always specify the software name (pSeven, pSeven Core or both) which has been used to identify the product(s) and capabilities correctly and let the readers understand your text better.
  • When indicating the product, please, state the release version as well. Refer to your product license form for the correct product name.
  • Product documentation references should be accompanied by the relevant product name, release version, document chapter and page.
  • Manuals, tutorials and other documentation accompanying the software are protected by the copyright law and are subject to nondisclosure provisions in your software license agreement. Request for pSeven SAS written permission to use documentation materials, images and logos.
  • If you paraphrase or summarize a documentation text in your own words, cite the source of this information.
  • Do not cite technical support responses and other private communications with pSeven SAS without ratification. Request for pSeven SAS written permission to cite a quote.
  • Authors and any other third parties who refer to pSeven must use the trademark ™ with the first usage. It is not necessary to use it in the further references.

Contact information

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