Low-code cloud-native platform to automate engineering processes and enable Digital Twins at scale:

  • Access to engineering automation, design optimization and predictive modeling functionality right in your browser.
  • Collaborate easily with teammates within your organization and partners.
  • Deploy on premises or private cloud.
  • Scale even resource-intensive massive trade-off studies.
  • Create and share workflow-powered web apps within your company.
  • Extend and integrate with documented open API.

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pSeven Enterprise

All you need to power up Digital Twins

pSeven Enterprise components pSeven Enterprise components
  • Workflow engine - Visual representation of executable process.
  • Low-code automation - Cloud-native architecture and documented open API.
  • Multi-user environment - Workflow co-authoring and sharing in the cloud.
  • Web Apps and services - Workflow-powered web apps in few clicks.
  • Resource management - Execution in distributed heterogeneous environment.
  • Optimization - Explore, optimize and calibrate your models.
  • Machine learning - Build and deploy fast and reliable ML models.
Capture & transfer knowledge

Capture and transfer knowledge

  • Share, reuse and maintain engineering knowledge easily with low-code approach.
  • Accelerate development cycle through productivity gain.
Automate repetitive tasks

Automate repetitive tasks

  • Maintain and formalize engineering processes at scale.
  • Reduce time-to-market with standardization and democratization.
Enable Digital Twin strategy

Enable Digital Twin strategy

  • Bridge the gap between engineering and operations.
  • Make better and faster operational decisions.

Success stories anchor

TechnipFMC Arena
  • Subsea field design automation (project ARENA)
  • 3x time reduction of the project design justification
halliburton logo Arena
  • Enabling digital oilfield applications (Digital Field Solver)
  • Many oil & gas customers worldwide

Low-code automation

pSeven Enterprise allows to capture even the most complex engineering processes, define its logic and collect, analyze and reuse engineering data thanks to powerful workflow engine and low-code approach.


Collaborative engineering

pSeven Enterprise is a multi-user platform with simultaneous access and co-authoring of the workflows in the cloud. Shared workspaces are designed for departments or teams to share and edit workflows, results and files depending on the user roles, just like using Google Docs.

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Access and scalability

pSeven Enterprise runs in a predefined and well-controlled IT environment on either private or public cloud, and can be accessed from any browser or device. As a server-side web application, it allows running many resource-consuming studies simultaneously with a built-in resource manager, and running workflows offline without interruption. You can monitor, manage running process and analyze results anytime from anywhere. Execution of individual blocks is possible both on the Linux server and on remote Windows machines.

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ExtendSome examples of possible integrations

Integrate with PLM, SPDM and IoT

pSeven Enterprise features a fully documented REST API to ensure easy integration with external ecosystems, like PLM, SPDM and IoT platforms, and to extend the functionality even further:

  • Integration at block level
  • Integration at workflow level
  • Integration at web app level

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Share workflows as web apps

Workflows in pSeven Enterprise can be easily published and shared in a form of web apps with automatically generated GUI. These workflow-powered web apps serve as easy-to-use engineering calculators that hide unnecessary complexity and democratize the use of best practices for inexperienced users. Web apps has versions thus allow to publish multiple versions of a workflow within.

Run manager

Service orchestration

In pSeven Enterprise workflows can be automatically converted to web services with REST API with full control over runs: who executed, when, run status etc. Execution can be manual, on event and on schedule.

Design Exploration

Design Exploration

pSeven Enterprise allows efficiently exploring model behavior with a wide range of techniques for Design of Experiments (DoE) and solving single- and multi-objective optimization problems with both fast to evaluate analytical models and computationally expensive simulations.

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Predictive Modeling

Predictive Modeling

By creating a predictive models from existing test, experimental and/or simulation data pSeven Enterprise allows to predict response values for new designs, accelerate complex simulations by many orders of magnitude and capture essential knowledge from vast amounts of data. Such models are also often called machine learning (ML) models, approximation models, response surface models (RSM), surrogate models, metamodels etc.

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