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Release lifecycle

The pSeven Enterprise release lifecycle policy determines how product updates are released and supported. Under this policy, the product remains in support if the customer:

  1. Is licensed to use pSeven Enterprise.
  2. Stays current as per the servicing and system requirements published for this product.
  3. Deploys the pSeven Enterprise release recommended by the support team.

The terms of continuous support involve regular releases of new product versions that address customer issues and respond to customer requests for new features. A new version of the product is released every month. Accordingly, if a customer issue can only be resolved by releasing a new version, the time to resolve it is at least 30 days. Notices of resolved issues, enhancements, and new features for each release can be found in the changelog.

Support is provided only for the current version of the product recommended for deployment. Support for earlier versions is not guaranteed. To qualify for continuous support, customers must regularly update their pSeven Enterprise deployments with a newer release of the product as recommended by the support team.