Often solution of an engineering problem needs particular expertise, time, specific software or other resources that commercial industry companies don’t possess at the moment. pSeven team consulting services can help you get the right solution at the right time. Our experts use the best-in-class technologies for data analysis and design optimization and own the expertise required to solve the most challenging engineering tasks.

Our Services

Our services range from technical support and running individual consulting projects to fully engaging into the solution of customer’s problem at the earliest stages, defining its physical and mathematical formulation with your or our partners' CAD/CAE software tools and providing a roadmap for product or process improvement.

Data Data Analysis

We provide a complete set of services in the field of data analysis, whether it is an identification problem, sensitivity analysis or building of approximation models from experimental data, to give you the best assessment, prediction or recommendation for your problem.

Optimization Design Optimization

We use multidisciplinary and multi-objective design optimization algorithms implemented in pSeven to explore design space and find optimal parameters for products and manufacturing processes, improving overall efficiency, quality and safety, while reducing development time and production costs.

Simulation Simulation

We implement advanced fluid dynamics and structural analysis simulations coupled with fast approximation models built in pSeven to deliver the best solution and provide you with extra insights about your products and manufacturing processes mechanical, thermal, fluid and acoustic behavior.

Workflow Process Automation

We automate complex multidisciplinary engineering analysis processes which require using various CAD/CAE tools from different software vendors, including automation of meshing procedure, solver execution and HPC.

Customization Application Customization

Powered by flexible and cloud-enabled architecture, we customize pSeven to deliver tailored solutions for your company’s individual requests and particular design processes, from the concept stage to the final deployment.


Relying on our extensive experience in solving challenging industrial problems, your team will be able to:

  • Develop more efficient designs and achieve significant productivity gains.
  • Eliminate overhead and minimize service losses.
  • Accelerate innovation in your company through the transfer of best practices and access to external engineering and scientific expertise.

To ensure the highest quality of our services and in-depth engineering approach we develop trusted partnership with world’s leading software developers and academic institutions.

Contact information

location_on  France, 31100 Toulouse, Av. du Général de Croutte 42

phone  +33 (0) 5 82-95-59-68


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