October 14, 2021

Recording of the presentation "Serverless" Design Space Exploration ― end-to-end shape optimization completely in the cloud"


The recording of an online presentation held on DATADVANCE User Conference 2021.

Speaker: David Heiny, CEO, SimScale

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The benefits of moving beyond an iterative manual design process and leveraging automatic design space exploration techniques have been proven by many engineering organizations. By programmatically exploring more design versions earlier in the product development process, organizations increase product performance and quality, decrease time-to-market and capture their engineering IP more reliably. Yet the barriers to leveraging design space exploration in more organizations and product development processes remain significant: The traditional setup and orchestration of an effective software and hardware stack to execute programmatic optimization workflows require significant expertise, time and financial investments.

With a new generation of cloud-native engineering software tools emerging, end-to-end design space exploration workflows can be set up and executed without administering any of the required “backend” tools such as CAD, Simulation or the Optimization software itself. David Heiny will demonstrate such a workflow developed by Datadvance and SimScale in collaboration and showcased with an electronics cooling example. The design of a water cooled Insulated-Gate Bipolar Transistor (IGBT) cold plate is explored and optimized to maximize heat transfer from the IGBT to the coolant fluid at low mass flow rates. The workflow runs 100% in the cloud - from the optimization software over CAD generation to the CFD simulation.

Presentation Recording


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