December 22, 2015

Creating Custom Plots With Page Viewer

Updated 22.01.2019

In pSeven we have implemented various interactive plots that allow the user to present his results and look at the data from different perspectives.

These plots cover most of the basic needs of experts allowing them to visualize and explore design space, optimization and data analysis results.

However, sometimes one may want to go beyond that to have a custom visualization that suits his needs.

To meet this demand we have added a functionality called Page Viewer. Page Viewer is a common viewer window inside Analyze tab that can render any HTML, CommonMark or plain text document provided by the user, including pictures, 3D models and even video.

This simple approach adds a new level of flexibility in presenting your results.

For example, if your CAE software can output an image of your design during optimization with Page Viewer you can see the evolution and final design inside pSeven with no need to open any other external program. 

 See the results of optimization process done in Sim4Design.

To use Page Viewer:

  • Go to Analyze tab
  • Load page you want to render into your report
  • Click “Page Viewer” button on viewers’ panel.

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