June 8, 2015

New Features in the Upcoming pSeven 6.0 Release

One month left for the next major pSeven release, so it's time to reveal some new features, which our development team has almost completed. We keep on constantly improving our integration with CAD and CAE systems, and pSeven 6.0 will include a big update of the tools to work with file templates.

We've finally decided to merge twin blocks TextGenerator and TextParser into a single one. A new block codenamed "Text" inherited all capabilities from its predecessors, acquired renewed graphical interface and was almost rewritten under the hood.

One of the criticisms we've had regarding the old blocks was not very convenient interface to work with operations. Automatically generated operations are good enough for many use-cases, but sometimes it's necessary to change them, and it hasn’t been so easy to understand plenty of parameters and how they affected the result. For pSeven 6.0 we've developed new Operations Panel to meet the users' requirements. It includes new user-friendly dialogs for each type of operations and automatic validation of operations, that allows to test them step-by-step, change the order in the list of operations and remove several operations in one click.

Design-time testing has become a more powerful tool: its results are now shown on Operations Panel and are automatically updated after any changes in operations and variables have been done.

Quick Selection mode has also been significantly renovated: fewer clicks, smarter heuristics.

Operations itself has been replenished with a new one: Insert operation. An operation inserts new lines into the template and the block now can start its work with quite an empty file.

Finally, we have a long-expected feature: substituting vector elements, which was possible only with scripting before.

Next time: Sample Viewer in pSeven 6.0 – Stay tuned!

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