May 22, 2024

pSeven v2024.05 Release

pSeven development team announces the release of pSeven v2024.05, a new version of our platform for data analysis and optimization.

Updates and Changes

  • Updated the STAR-CCM+ block for compatibility with the newer STAR-CCM+ versions (2302 and above). Note that if you are using those versions, it is advisable to configure the block to run STAR-CCM+ in the background (see section Compatibility for STAR-CCM+).


  • Updated the version compatibility notes on the STAR-CCM+ block page.
  • Updated section Open Source Components.


  • Predictive modeling:
    • Fixed an issue with updating GP models in SmartSelection, where training stopped with an error if the GP model you are updating has linear or quadratic trend.
  • Fixed the outdated versions of the OpenSSL libraries.

The pSeven v2024.05 release also includes other updated — please check the release changelog for a full list. You can also contact us to get more information and pSeven updates.

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