April 26, 2024

pSeven v2024.04 Release

pSeven development team announces the release of pSeven v2024.04, a new version of our platform for data analysis and optimization.

Updates and Changes

  • Predictive modeling:
    • Enabled the support for output noise variance in the HDA technique to improve its model quality, if the noise variance data is supplied.
    • SmartSelection now also takes output noise variance into consideration when selecting the final model.


  • Updated the installation and license setup instructions to clarify the procedure for requesting, obtaining and registering the license.
  • Clarified the GTApprox/RSMMapping option description, fixing the incorrect explanation of the MapStd method.


  • Predictive modeling:
    • Fixed a regression issue from pSeven 6.52 where updating certain models with linear dependent outputs raised an exception.
    • Fixed an issue in SmartSelection where training stopped with a “Failed to execute function (build_model)” error, if the training sample has tensor structure and contains duplicates or ambiguous points.
    • GTApprox: fixed an issue with using point weights with the HDA technique, which could cause a segmentation fault or model quality degradation.
  • Excel block:
    • Fixed the “No module named excel_com” error when loading an Excel document.
  • NX block:
    • Fixed an issue where the block failed to build the document tree when working with a large assembly.
    • Fixed an issue where the block ignored the name of the main part, specified in the top_model file in the assembly, and always searched the assembly dependencies to find the main file, which adds a certain delay.

The pSeven v2024.04 release also includes other updated — please check the release changelog for a full list. You can also contact us to get more information and pSeven updates.

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