March 22, 2024

pSeven Enterprise v2024.03 Release

pSeven development team announces the release of pSeven Enterprise v2024.03, a new version of a low-code cloud-native collaborative platform for building, deploying and operating different models and processes at scale. This release contains many changes, the most important of which are below.


  • Design space exploration block (beta) now supports the evaluation history and intermediate results files for the space-filling DoE techniques (LHS, for example) and Gradient-free optimization.

    Enabled the batch size setting for the space-filling DoE techniques. If you run DoE in batch mode and set the Maximum batch size option, the block splits the generated DoE in a number of batches and outputs them one by one. If you enable batch mode but leave Maximum batch size default, the full DoE is output in a single batch.

    LHS and other DoE techniques recognize the Maximum batch size setting

    LHS and other DoE techniques recognize the Maximum batch size setting

  • Slightly improved the responsiveness of the Studio UI.
  • Upgraded the embedded pSeven Core package to v2024.02.

Deployment and administration

  • In the deployments that run blocks natively on Kubernetes (sizing.runOnKubernetes enabled, experimental mode), you can set up network policies for blocks, using the new parameters in values.yaml: blocks.networkPolicySpecIngress for the incoming, and blocks.networkPolicySpecEgress for the outgoing connections.
  • Fixed a vulnerability issue in the REST API where it was possible to list contents of directories located outside the (workflow, app) run directory, and to download files from those directories using the REST API.
  • Fixed a vulnerability issue where certain system-level environment variables were available in the block runtime environment, so user blocks could exploit them to gain unauthorized access to user or system data.

User block development

  • Fixed an issue with the DA__P7__* environment variables where the block runtime environment provided access to a number of system-level variables, which must not be available to the block - for example, DA__P7__APP__* variables or DA__P7__CLUSTER__* variables.


  • Design space exploration block (beta):
    • Fixed an issue with writing string categorical variables to Designs.csv where their actual values were replaced with numeric codes.
    • Fixed an issue with Designs.csv where it could be inconsistent with the result data output to block ports.
    • Fixed several issues with the optimization and Adaptive design results where the result contained incorrect values of linear and quadratic responses, if you have defined any maximization type responses, or categorical variables, or constants.
  • Uncertainty quantification block (beta):
    • Fixed the "Could not save the block" error sometimes appearing on save.
    • Fixed an issue where the block did not display a warning, if you close its window with unsaved changes.
  • Fixed a UI issue in Studio with disappearing breadcrumbs in the workflow editor.

pSeven Enterprise v2024.03 also includes other various performance and security improvements and minor bug fixes — please check the release changelog for a full list. You can also contact us to get more information and pSeven Enterprise updates.

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