December 1, 2023

pSeven Enterprise v2023.11 Release

pSeven development team announces the release of pSeven Enterprise v2023.11, a new version of a low-code cloud-native collaborative platform for building, deploying and operating different models and processes at scale. This is a bugfix release that contains many changes, the most important of which are below.


  • Updated keyboard navigation in the Edit value dialog:
    • [Down] and [Up] while editing move to edit next/previous cell.
    • [Tab] and [Shift] + [Tab] while editing move right/left.
    • [Enter] finishes editing but no longer moves down (replaced by [Down]).
pSeven Enterprise v2023.11


  • Upgraded the embedded pSeven Core package to version 6.50.
  • A REST API client working with an AppsHub app can now check that app for changes. The new "fingerprint" key in app details provides a unique identifier, which changes with any change in the app.
pSeven Enterprise v2023.11


  • Updated pSeven Enterprise Help:
    • Added the Design space exploration block guide.
    • Added notes on managing block memory consumption to Setting up the workflow.
    • Improved search capabilities and fixed a few issues with search.

User block development

  • Fixed a regression issue from v2022.06, which affected the compatibility of newer pSeven Enterprise versions (v2022.06 and above) with the user blocks developed for the older versions (v2022.05 and below) that work with custom data types.

Deployment and administration

  • Added a number of advanced parameters to values.yaml, using which you can set annotations and labels to all Kubernetes objects created by a pSeven Enterprise deployment.
  • Updated the experimental mode where blocks run natively on Kubernetes (sizing.runOnKubernetes) to improve its stability, as a part of work to prepare it for use in production.
  • Updated the pSeven Enterprise deployment guide:
    • Added the Hardware resources summary.
    • Added the Requirements summary.
    • Added Deployment overview.
    • Added details on deployment options - trial and production.
pSeven Enterprise v2023.11


pSeven Enterprise v2023.11 also includes other changes and bugfixes — please check the release changelog for a full list. You can also contact us to get more information and pSeven Enterprise updates.

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