October 6, 2023

pSeven Enterprise v2023.09 Release

pSeven development team announces the release of pSeven Enterprise v2023.09, a new version of a low-code cloud-native collaborative platform for building, deploying and operating different models and processes at scale. This release contains many changes, the most important of which are below.


  • The new Uncertainty quantification (beta) block enables uncertainty simulation and reliability analysis studies.
  • The new Text (beta) block provides for integrating the software, which uses input and output text files, and exchanging data between that software and other blocks in a workflow.
  • In the Python script block added the signal @go ports, which you can use to order the execution of Python script blocks in a workflow.

User block development

  • Fixed an issue with blocks that run on Windows extension nodes and launch the CAD/CAE packages installed on that node, where the launch failed if the package requires reading the user registry hive (HKEY_CURRENT_USER).

Deployment and administration

  • Fixed a regression issue from v2022.08 where the deployment stopped with an error, if you use an NFSv3 file storage server.
  • Various minor bug fixes and improvements.

pSeven Enterprise v2023.09 also includes other changes and bugfixes — please check the release changelog for a full list. You can also contact us to get more information and pSeven Enterprise updates.

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pSeven User Conference 2023

Watch the recordings of our annual event for the customers and professionals from the industry interested in pSeven products. Presentations from Liebherr - Aerospace, Safran Tech, CGI, CIMdata, PDTec and others are available.

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