January 18, 2023

pSeven 6.42 Release

pSeven development team announces the release of pSeven 6.42, a new version of our platform for data analysis and optimization. Take a look what's new in the release below.

Updates and Changes

The release does not contain any global updates, but there is one important change in Adaptive Design in Design space exploration block:

  • Adjusted the handling of generic constraints in Adaptive design to generate more feasible design points in tasks where Exploration budget is too low to obtain accurate enough constraint models — at the cost of a possible contraction of the design space area explored by the Adaptive design algorithm.

Compatibility Issues

This release fixes incorrect behavior of the “Local to remote” sandbox synchronization setting in the Program block configured to remotely execute a program by connecting to pSeven Agent that runs on a remote host:


  • Analyze
    • Fixed an issue with Sample viewer where it could calculate incorrect feature importance estimates (the Dependency tab) if your sample contains a constant column in inputs.
  • Design space exploration block:
    • Fixed a regression issue with the Adaptive design technique from pSeven 6.41 where the technique did not generate any new design points, if there is a response with the No blackbox hint in the block configuration.
    • Fixed an unclear warning about the handling of linear responses that depend on a discrete variable with non-uniform distribution of its levels.
  • Program block:
    • Fixed an issue where the block ignored the program path sent to the program input port.
    • Fixed an issue with remote execution (pSeven Agent) where the block stopped with a “Malformed HTTP message from None: Content-Length too long” error when uploading input files to the remote host or downloading program output files from the remote host.
    • Fixed an issue with remote execution (pSeven Agent) where the block always downloaded all program output files from the remote host, even if sandbox synchronization is set to upload only (the “Local to remote” setting).
    • Fixed the unclear error message produced by the block that runs a program on a remote Windows host (using pSeven Agent) in the case when an output file specified in the Files pane is not found on the remote host after running the program.

pSeven 6.42 Update Notice

This release fixes a particular issue with remote execution in the Program block, which is partially related to the pSeven Agent configuration saved in a file on the remote host. A few connection parameters in that file are by default set to values, which cause issues. Normally those settings should not be changed, so they are not present in the pSeven Agent interface. The update changes those defaults in pSeven Agent 6.42; however, to avoid resetting your settings in an existing pSeven Agent configuration file, that file is not updated when you update pSeven Agent to version 6.42 from a previous version.

Before you install pSeven Agent 6.42 on any host, it is recommended to check whether a configuration file from a previous pSeven Agent version exists on that host. If that file exists, you will need either to remove it (this resets all pSeven Agent settings) or to edit the file manually to update the settings that cause issues.

The pSeven 6.42 release also includes other bugfixes — please check the release changelog for a full list. You can also contact us to get more information and pSeven updates.

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