August 22, 2022

pSeven 6.37 Release

pSeven development team announces the release of pSeven 6.37, a new version of our platform for data analysis and optimization. Take a look what's new in the release below.

Updates and Changes

Design space exploration block

  • Streamlined the batch mode setup and option settings:
    • The Maximum batch size option specifies both the blackbox concurrency and the maximum output batch size for the Surrogate-based optimization, Adaptive design, and Adaptive design for GP techniques. Previously the blackbox concurrency had to be specified with the Computational scalability technique option.
    • Other techniques may be switched to batch mode, but they disregard the Maximum batch size option value — in that case, the block sends all generated design points to blackbox blocks as a single batch.
    • If your blackbox accepts data batches but does not provide real concurrent processing of that data, you can enable the Batch mode option but leave the Maximum batch size option at its default value. That value is now Auto, which allows any batch size.
    • The lowest limit you can specify with the Maximum batch size option is now 2 (previously allowed 1, which is actually the same as disabling batch mode).
  • Removed the Computational scalability option from the Surrogate-based optimization, Adaptive design, and Adaptive design for GP technique settings as that option is no longer needed to set up the block for concurrent response evaluations (setting the Maximum batch size option is enough).
  • When you upgrade an existing workflow to 6.37, values of the Batch mode and Maximum batch size options in Design space exploration blocks are updated to keep the previous block behavior — except the case where the Maximum batch size option was used to split batches generated by DoE and gradient-based optimization techniques into batches of a smaller size. That setup is no longer supported, and in such cases the Maximum batch size option resets to default (Auto), so the size of output batches is not limited.

Compatibility Issues

Due to changes in batch mode options of the Design space exploration block, it is strongly recommended to revise all workflows where you have batch mode in Design space exploration blocks enabled. Upon version upgrade, existing settings are updated according to the new option behavior (see option descriptions for details). If the Maximum batch size and Computational scalability option values before upgrade are in conflict, that is resolved by assigning Maximum batch size the minimum of said values, which may be not the intended batch size. In certain cases where the Maximum batch size or Computational scalability option is a workflow parameter, pSeven cannot correctly update the workflow due to ambiguity of those settings; you will need to verify workflow parameters after version upgrade.

The pSeven 6.37 release also includes changes and bugfixes — please check the release changelog for a full list. You can also contact us to get more information and pSeven updates.

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