January 31, 2022

pSeven 6.30 Release

pSeven development team announces the release of pSeven 6.30, a new version of our flagship platform for data analysis and optimization. Find out what's new in this updating on the release below.

New Features

New SimulationX block

  • The SimulationX block (beta) enables integrating ESI ITI SimulationX models into pSeven workflows to apply optimization and other design space exploration techniques to them. Note that using the SimulationX block requires an updated license file for pSeven 6.30.


Updates and Changes

Predictive modeling

  • Several updates in SmartSelection aimed at improving the balance between training performance and final model quality, and providing better support for model update (training with an initial model). In particular, the MoA and GBRT techniques are now enabled in SmartSelection by default.
  • SmartSelection models are no longer required to support gradients. This change was necessary to enable the GBRT technique in SmartSelection by default. To train a model with gradient support, add the gradient requirement using the new Gradient hint.
  • Improved performance of the RSM approximation technique when training quadratic models.
  • Renamed the Smooth model SmartSelection hint to Smoothing to avoid confusion: the hint adds the requirement to train a model that supports the smoothing feature, but does not require the model to be smooth by default.


pSeven 6.30 also includes other changes and bugfixes — please check the release changelog for a full list. You can also contact us to get more information and pSeven updates.

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