June 5, 2020

DATADVANCE Releases pSeven Enterprise

pSeven enterprise
TOULOUSE, France, June 5, 2020. – DATADVANCE, an independent engineering software developer specialized in engineering process automation, design space exploration and predictive modeling, announces the release of pSeven Enterprise– an AI-powered true cloud solution to collaboratively design the best products faster.

pSeven Enterprise comprises, extends and democratizes the design space exploration and predictive modelling functionalities of pSeven platform by DATADVANCE.

As a true cloud solution, it improves collaboration within and between the teams, fastens resource-consuming studies with scaled computations, and grants possibilities to extend existing functionality with a set of APIs. pSeven Enterprise incorporates the AppsHub – a corporate library of workflow-powered web applications with a simple user interface – advanced design space exploration and predictive analytics methods are now available for any engineer within the company.


“In ten years of a close collaboration with pSeven users from different industries, we have found out their pains and needs. We discovered that the sophisticated predictive analytics and design exploration techniques have to be democratized and made available to the domain engineers in a simplified form, with no need to deep-dive into the tool. Another challenge is an error-prone process of exchanging files, models and data within the teams and partners, with difficulties in version control, data loss etc. Moreover, the users of desktop Process Integration and Design Optimization platforms are constrained by lack of easy access to computational resources for resource-intensive computations and with the need to stay logged in throughout the entire process, as shutting down the machine would cause its interruption. Customers want to write their own plug-ins, integrate pSeven into their corporate IT ecosystem. pSeven Enterprise responds to all these challenges with its collaboration, scaling, apps publishing and extension capabilities via open APIs. Simply stated, pSeven Enterprise is pSeven + “Google Docs” + App Store, where “Google Docs” means the convenience and ease of collaborative work on the files and projects, and by “AppStore” we imply the creation and usage of engineering workflow-powered applications in the AppsHub, ” – explained Laurent Chec, Vice-President of Global Sales at DATADVANCE.

Below is a non-exhaustive list of capabilities enabled by pSeven Enterprise:


pSeven Enterprise runs in a predefined and well-controlled IT environment on premises or on private cloud, and can be accessed from any browser or device. As a server-side web application, it allows running many resource-consuming studies simultaneously with a built-in resource manager, and running workflows offline without interruption - when user is logged out, workflow is still running on server. You can monitor, manage running process and analyse results anytime from anywhere.


pSeven Enterprise is a multiuser system with simultaneous multi-access, building and version control of the workflow. Shared workspaces are designed for a department or a team to share and edit workflows, results and files depending on the user roles, just as like using Google Drive.



With AppsHub available in pSeven Enterprise, Method & Tool experts can publish and share run-ready workflows, workflow-powered web services and web apps for the domain engineers, external suppliers and partners. AppsHub is a corporate collection of workflow-powered web applications with access and version control. AppsHub applications automates engineering tasks and democratizes design exploration and predictive modelling technology of pSeven. pSeven Enterprise users benefit from the reuse of engineering data, as all results of a workflow runs are stored and seamlessly updated in a common archive on a centralized server.



pSeven Enterprise features three API levels to ensure interoperability with external ecosystems and extended functionality with integration of third- party technology or embedding user algorithms.

If you are interested in trying pSeven Enterprise, an assisted 60-day free trial period is provided.


pSeven User Conference 2023

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