March 13, 2023

pSeven at Robust Design & DoE mit realen Defekten 2023

pSeven will be presented at Robust Design & DoE mit realen Defekten 2023 that will be held on March 13-14 at Munich, Germany.

DoE (Design of Experiments), the systematic sampling of design spaces, has a long tradition in experimental design and is successfully used in interaction with response surface methods and optimization algorithms in virtual product development for sensitivity analysis and design optimization.

Robustness evaluations have their origin in quality assurance, where the influence of existing tolerances, expected material scatter or other varying quantities on product performance is investigated.

The main difference between DoE in design spaces and robustness evaluations in spaces of scattering parameters is the quantitative description of the input scatter with its distribution information. Subsequently, sampling methods are used to sample the parameter spaces, which take into account the probability of occurrence of scattering quantities and thus allow the quantification of performance quantities and the probability of their occurrence. For DoE and sampling methods, adaptive techniques are used to selectively generate grid points in regions of interest in the design spaces and provide efficient optimization and robustness evaluation procedures.

The seminar will include keynote and technical presentations, an exhibition, and a tour of IABG.

We are glad to invite you to our exhibition booth and introduce you capabilities of pSeven, a cloud-native low-code collaborative platform.

Contact us to schedule a meeting.

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