October 4, 2022

pSeven at NAFEMS DACH Regional Conference 2022

On October 4-6, 2022 the NAFEMS DACH Regional Conference 2022 will be held.

As always, the biennial conference will provide you with an independent, overarching and comprehensive range of information in the field of numerical simulation methods - a platform where new techniques, tools and "best practices" will be presented.

Participants will have the opportunity to discuss successful applications and trends on a broad basis with specialists from research and, in particular, from industry.

On October 5, at 16:45 (Local Time) Laurent Chec, General Director of pSeven SAS, will be giving a presentation on "Instantaneous prediction of pultruded composite profiles quality using Machine Learning."

Laurent Chec

This study related to manufacturing process of Glass Fiber Reinforced Plastic, involves Machine Learning/AI at multiple levels and demonstrates the benefit of such technology.

ML/AI is indeed intended to accelerate engineering process handled by experts on one hand, but, it is also used by operators on the production line who find here an easy mean to predict the quality of their final product. Thus, ML/AI can be seen as a solution to democratize advanced engineering and mathematics, previously reserved to the elite in design offices.

This presentation will provide a detailed description of all the steps required to simulate the manufacturing process, then find quickly optimal manufacturing parameters and finally build and deploy predictive ML/AI based model across the organization thanks to collaborative Cloud architecture.

Technology involved includes:

  • Hi-Fidelity Finite Element analysis of curing and polymerization process
  • Sensitivity/Correlation analysis of manufacturing parameters
  • Multi-objective surrogate-based optimization
  • Predictive model building and deployment at scale in the Cloud for operators.

We are also glad to invite you to our booth #10 where we will demonstrate the functionality and advantages of the pSeven.

Don't miss it! If you haven't registered yet, now is the time!

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