May 26, 2021

Webinar recording: "Integrate any Engineering Software Easily with a New Configurable User Block"

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The webinar was held on 26 May, 2021

Duration: 1 hour

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  • Laurent Chec, Vice President of Global Sales at pSeven SAS
  • Joan Mas Colomer, Application Engineer, pSeven SAS

pSeven offers engineers several methods to integrate any CAD/CAE software packages their company use into a single workflow and to eliminate exhaustive repetitive tasks by automating file and data exchange between them. This webinar is dedicated to the main features and capabilities of the User Block in pSeven ― a new integration method released in the 6.17 version.

User block allows user to combine the advantages of two previous integration ways: convenient configuration of direct integration with an interface between a pSeven workflow and a software and a great flexibility of generic integration.

User Block allows adding customized blocks to the pSeven Block library. User Blocks can be used for generic integration of the external software, or to create blocks that perform user-defined operations. Every User Block has a standard graphical configuration dialog, similar to the ones of the existing CAD/CAE blocks. It has a parameter tree automatically created from a user-defined function, with the possibility to build it based on a file provided during the block configuration.

After a brief company introduction, DATADVANCE experts demonstrate a simple example of a User Block that has a static parameters tree, and whose main purpose is to create an input file for a numerical solver, run the solver, and redirect the results to the output ports.

The second example will show how the User Block can be used to integrate an external software that has a COM interface ― SimulationX by ESI in the given example. The parameters tree is built based on a SimulationX model file, which is provided using the configuration dialog. At runtime, the User Block updates the SimulationX model according to the values received through the input ports, runs the simulation, and reads the values of the outputs.

If you are new to pSeven, we recommend you to watch our Video Tutorials series and the recordings of the webinar series dedicated to the basic functionnalities of pSeven.

Webinar Recording

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