May 27, 2020

Webinar Recording: pSeven Enterprise – AI-powered Cloud Solution to Collaboratively Design the Best Products Faster


Duration: 1 hour

Language: English


  • Sergey Morozov, President of pSeven SAS
  • Laurent Chec, Vice President of Global Sales at pSeven SAS

Webinar introducing pSeven Enterprise ― a true cloud solution that democratizes design optimization and predictive analytics technologies to enable engineers collaboratively design the best products faster.

pSeven Enterprise comprises and extends the functionalities of pSeven ― software platform for engineering process automation, design optimization and predictive analytics. Webinar attendees will discover the benefits of using pSeven Enterprise:

  • Easy access from both company network and outside thanks to a true cloud nature of the product.
  • Improved collaboration within and between the teams, including private and shared workspaces, and simultaneous co-authoring and execution of workflows and analysis of results.
  • Making design space exploration and predictive analytics methods available for any engineer within the company. Methods and tools experts can build workflows and publish them as web Apps, with custom and simple user interface, to be used by domain experts. This technology democratization is enabled with AppsHub ― a corporate library of workflow-powered web applications available in pSeven Enterprise, where the users can pick the tool they need.
  • Reduced product development cycle ― as a true cloud solution pSeven Enterprise scales with your needs. It allows running even resource-intensive massive trade-off studies in parallel.
  • Powerful open APIs ― Python, REST, GraphQL ― easily extend existing functionalities and enable pSeven Enterprise seamless integration into any IT ecosystem.

If you are new to pSeven, we recommend you to watch our Video Tutorials series and the recordings of the webinar series dedicated to the basic functionnalities of pSeven.

Webinar Recording

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