June 3, 2020

Webinar Recording: Design and Shape Optimization of a Wind Turbine Blade


Duration: 1 hour

Language: English


Shape optimization in the context of CFD analysis of different products is one of the most important tasks in industry and relates to different application areas as aviation and space, automotive, shipbuilding and wind power.

This webinar is a demonstration of a real engineering example of optimization in the field of wind power industry. Liubov Lavrishcheva, Head of Flypoint Parametrica and Project Manager at Krylov State Research Centre, presents the design and 3D shape optimization of a wind turbine blade with a rated power of 3,45 MW.

The wind turbine design process comprised the geometry parameterization with Flypoint Parametrica software, CFD analysis and surrogate-based optimization (SBO) in pSeven. Flypoint Parametrica was able to dramatically reduce the number of varied geometrical parameters in compare with traditional CAD-model based approach. Surrogate based optimization in pSeven efficiently managed to find an improved solution for a wind turbine rated power with a minimal number of CFD simulations. This result was reached thanks to extensive three-dimensional model, not just a 2D-airfoil optimization, and easy-to-use integration tools for a fully automatic solution workflow provided by pSeven platform.

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Webinar Recording

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