Surrogate Modeling of Stability Constraints for Optimization of Composite Structures

Grihon S., Burnaev E., Belyaev M., Prikhodko P.

Surrogate-Based Modeling and Optimization. Engineering applications / Edited by S. Koziel, L. Leifsson. 2013. P. 359–391.

Keywords: Approximation, HDA, Optimization, Surrogate-Based Optimization, Aerospace, Composites

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Approximation of a Multidimensional Dependency Based on a Linear Expansion in a Dictionary of Parametric Functions

Belyaev M.G., Burnaev E.V.

Informatics and its Applications. 2013. V. 7, №. 3. P. 114-125.

Keywords: Approximation, HDA

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