Towards an Automated Optimization of Laminated Composite Structures: Hierarchical Zoning Approach with Exact Blending Rules

D.T.Shvarts, F.V.Gubarev e-Print archive

Keywords: Optimization, Surrogate-Based Optimization, Approximation, Gaussian Processes, Composites

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Adaptive Design of Experiments Based on Gaussian Processes

Evgeny Burnaev, Maxim Panov

Statistical Learning and Data Sciences

Keywords: Adaptive Design of Experiments, Approximation, Gaussian Processes

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Exact Inference for Gaussian Process Regression in Case of Big Data with the Cartesian Product Structure

Belyaev Mikhail, Burnaev Evgeny, Kapushev Yermek

ICML 2014 workshop on New Learning Frameworks and Models for Big Data, Beijing 2014

Keywords: Design of Experiments, Approximation, Gaussian Processes

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Properties of Posterior Distribution of Parameters for Gaussian Processes Regression

Burnaev E., Zaytsev A., Spokoiny V.

Proceedings of the Conference on Structural Inference in Statistics. Potsdam. Germany. September 17-19. 2013. P. 27-28.

Keywords: Approximation, Gaussian Processes

Properties of the Bayesian Parameter Estimation of a Regression Based on Gaussian Processes

Burnaev E., Zaytsev A., Spokoiny V.

To be published in Journal of Fundamental and Applied Mathematics

Keywords: Approximation, Gaussian Processes

Splines and Stationary Gaussian Processes

Golubev Y., Krymova E.

Proc. of the conf. "Information Technologies and Systems". 2012.

Keywords: Approximation, Gaussian Processes

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