The First Full-Cloud Design Space Exploration Platform

Sergey Morozov, Alexander Prokhorov

Paper at the SPDM Europe Conference by NAFEMS

Keywords: Data Analysis, Optimization, SmartSelection

Asymptotically Optimal Method for Manifold Estimation Problem

Kuleshov A., Bernstein A., Yanovich Yu.

Abstracts of the 29-th European Meeting of Statisticians, 2013

Keywords: Data Analysis, Dimension Reduction

Extraction of the Most Sensitive Directions via Gaussian Process Modeling

Burnaev E., Erofeev P., Prikhodko P.

Poster for the conference "Uncertainties in Computer Models 2012" (Sheffield)

Keywords: Data Analysis, Dimension Reduction

Comparative Study of Nonlinear Methods for Manifold Learning

Bernstein A., Burnaev E., Erofeev P.

Proc. of the conf. "Information Technologies and Systems". 2012. P. 85–91.

Keywords: Data Analysis, Dimension Reduction

Comparison of Three Geometric Parameterization Methods and Their Effect on Aerodynamic Optimization

Bernstein A., Chernova S., Burnaev E., Feng Zhu, Ning Qin

Proc. of Int. Conf. on Evolutionary and Deterministic Methods for Design, Optimization and Control with Applications to Industrial and Societal Problems (Eurogen 2011). Capua, Italy, September 14 – 16, 2011.

Keywords: Data Analysis, Dimension Reduction, Aerodynamics

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