October 14, 2021

Recording of the Presentation "Integrating Simulation Systems with pSeven to Solve Pumping Outfit Optimization Problems"



  • Sergey Sumarokov, General Director, CALS-center

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Pumping outfit is one of the main components for hydraulic networks and systems. Its efficiency and operational reliability determine the performance of the whole systems. At design stage it’s very important to pay attention to the assessment of the effectiveness of pumping outfit and make sure that its parameters are optimized. For these purposes, enterprises use various CAE systems, which provide different approaches to assess efficiency. pSeven platform comprises sophisticated optimization algorithms and integration capabilities to build complex workflows and carry out Multiphysics analysis. These capabilities allow using pSeven as a single platform for the problem-oriented optimization, which includes different commercial and ad-hoc CAE systems. The report presents examples of pSeven integration with various CAE systems for both fast and comprehensive optimization of pumping outfit.


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