December 30, 2015

pSeven 6.5 Service Pack 1 Release

DATADVANCE development team gets ready to celebrate the New Year 2016 with the release of pSeven 6.5 Service Pack 1 hotfix.

This release fixes a bug that could cause hangups when creating a new project and, unfortunately, is linked to one of the most frequently used blocks, std.Text. This bug cannot corrupt your projects or data, but it was decided to fix it ASAP since it can seriously impact the user experience.

pSeven 6.5 SP 1 is a recommended update from pSeven 6.5 for one more reason: it updates the quick selection heuristics in std.Text so it determines field delimiters better and works nicely in template lines that contain trailing spaces, such as in ANSYS APDL files. If you did not yet upgrade to pSeven 6.5 from an older version, it is also recommended to skip pSeven 6.5 and install pSeven 6.5 SP 1.


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