June 9, 2015

pSeven 5.3 Release

DATADVANCE development team is pleased to announce the release of pSeven 5.3, a new stable version of our data analysis and design space exploration platform.

pSeven 5.3 features the following improvements:

  • Following the update of the SolidWorks and CATIA integration blocks in pSeven 5.2 which simplified creating workflows with multiple std.SolidWorks and std.CATIA blocks, a similar solution has been implemented in the PTC Creo integration block, std.Creo.
  • CATIA integration block is also updated and now supports export to the STL format.
  • Several updates in std.ShellScript adding new configuration options for remote execution over SSH.
  • The optimization block, std.Optimizer, can now output a partial solution to a multi-objective problem if the workflow is stopped when the block is active. In particular, it helps when using surrogate-based optimization, where std.Optimizer iterations can become time-consuming due to retraining internal approximation models.
  • The support for data with missing values in Analyze and in blocks that load tabular files, such as std.CSVParser. When importing or loading a file with missing values (for example, a CSV file containing empty fields), pSeven replaces missing data with a special value and allows its further processing.
  • Updated 2D plots now allow changing the order of layers (lines) after the plot is configured.
  • Updated parallel coordinates plots provide more useful tooltips (point values, selection ranges, and other).

pSeven 5.3 also fixes a number of bugs discovered since the release of pSeven 5.2. You can also contact us to receive more information and pSeven updates!


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