November 27, 2014

pSeven 4.1 Release

DATADVANCE development team is pleased to announce the release of pSeven 4.1, the next stable version of our platform for process integration, multidisciplinary design optimization, and data analysis.

This release provides a significant increase in the run-time performance of std.Optimizer thanks to internal improvements in optimization algorithms. Also, due to the recent update of the MACROS optimizer, std.Optimizer now provides better support for mixed integer linear programming problems (see the MACROS 4.1 release announcement for the details of this update).

std.UQ, the block for uncertainty quantification and reliability analysis, has been upgraded with the batch calculation support. This feature allows uncertainty quantification workflows to take advantage of models that support parallel processing of input data batches.

Plots in pSeven can now be easily duplicated, creating an exact copy of an existing plot which keeps all visualization settings. New copies are editable – for example, you can change data sources to easily create different plots with a consistent visual style, or use a few preconfigured plots as your own plotting templates.

pSeven 4.1 has also improved the startup performance of all blocks. As a result, most workflows now start noticeably faster than in previous versions.

A few more updates in pSeven 4.1:

  • Legends on 2D plots now show marker styles and colors in addition to line colors.
  • PTC Creo integration block can now be configured to use a specific version of PTC Creo if there are multiple versions installed.
  • Improved pSeven console logger performance.

This release also includes several bugfixes. You can also contact us to receive more information and pSeven updates!


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