October 4, 2013

PSE 1.9.0 Released

DATADVANCE development team is pleased to announce the release of PSE 1.9.0, the first release in PSE 1.9 series.

The most important updates since the previous major release PSE 1.8.0 are:

  • General:
    • PSE for Windows now supports the 4-gigabyte tuning (4GT) feature. On 64-bit editions of Windows, it means that PSE has 4 GB of virtual address space available, leading to better resources utilization on systems with large amounts of RAM. On 32-bit Windows editions, this feature also increases the address space up to 3 GB, if the feature is enabled in Windows boot configuration.
    • More efficient project database scheme allowed to significantly reduce the database size and memory consumption when journaling large data. Unfortunately, this update required some changes in the database structure which make it incompatible with previous versions. More details on the potential compatibility issues are found in the PSE User Manual.
    • PSE now creates scheduled backups of the project database while there is a workflow running. If the project crashes, the database will be restored from a recent backup copy automatically.
  • Blocks:
    • New adapter blocks: adapters.CATIA and adapters.Kompas, adding the basic support for integrating CATIA V5 and Kompas3D models in a PSE workflows. Both blocks are currently in development and are found in the Beta blocks group in the Block Library. While already functional, these blocks may change in the future versions, and full compatibility is not yet guaranteed.
    • Support for Parasolid and ACIS export formats in adapters.SolidWorks blocks.
    • Workflow editing:
      • Added the block copy/cut/paste functionality which allows to copy a block into the exchange buffer and paste it in another workflow, preserving the block configuration.
      • Added placement guides in the workflow edit area on the Edit screen (shown when you move blocks).
    • Results analysis:
      • New plot types: scatter plots and bar charts.
      • Added error bars support to line and scatter plots.
      • Various usability improvements in the plot configuration dialog, data series and data viewers.

    This release also applies a number of bugfixes detailed in the version 1.9.0 changelog found in the PSE User Manual.

    Please contact us to receive more information and PSE updates!


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