April 30, 2013

PSE 1.7.3 Released

DATADVANCE development team is pleased to announce the release of PSE 1.7.3.

This release is an important update in PSE 1.7 series which includes the latest release of MACROS, version 1.9.2. It makes the new approximation technique — incomplete Tensor Approximation, implemented in MACROS 1.9.2 — available to PSE users. This new technique is seamlessly integrated into macros.ApproxBuilder blocks and is now available from the technique selector in the list of macros.ApproxBuilder options.

As we continue to improve on the graphical user interface of PSE, this release has added the autolinking feature to the workflow editor. The autolinking dialog invokes automatically when you drag a link between two blocks and matches their ports which have the same name and compatible data types, providing you with a checklist of the links to create. Since most users already tend to create such port pairs when editing complex workflows, this feature makes linking much more convenient: for instance, even the set of links required by an macros.Optimizer block in a complex optimization workflow may now be created in a few clicks. Also, this feature does not replace the usual connectivity dialog, and every link may still be configured manually when needed.

This release also fixes a few bugs in the graphical interface and workflow logic; full details may be found in the PSE 1.7.3 changelog.

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