April 15, 2013

PSE 1.7.2 Released

DATADVANCE development team is pleased to announce the release of PSE 1.7.2.

This is the next update in PSE 1.7 series which continues to build upon the new capabilities established in the 1.7 release. New features include the automatic project update and improved console logging, as well as various compatibility and user interface enhancements.

  • Project update: working on the backwards compatibility support, we have added a mechanism to update the projects from previous PSE versions to the current version. Project update invokes automatically when opening a project from an older PSE version.
  • Better console logging: the console in PSE GUI has received a new backend which now allows to keep a full log of console actions since session start, not limited by the log size.
  • Compatibility and interface improvements: this release fixes several moderately important issues with PSE under Windows and offers a few convenience features in the graphical user interface of PSE. It also adds a better support for low (less than 1280x1024) screen resolutions.

This version also features the release of the SolidWorks adapter block type (adapters.SolidWorks) — a dedicated block type to support SolidWorks interoperability in PSE. Blocks of this type allow users to integrate part and assembly documents into PSE optimization and modeling workflows.

PSE 1.7.2 - adapters.SolidWorks block

It is the first adapter block type released with PSE, and more block types for easy integration of third party applications will be added in future. Note that PSE also includes a generic adapter block type (std.ShellScript) which allows to integrate any application by controlling its execution and redirecting standard input and output streams to a PSE workflow.

PSE 1.7.2 comes with the latest release of MACROS, version 1.9.1. Please contact us to receive more information and PSE updates!


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