April 15, 2013

MACROS 1.9.1 Released

DATADVANCE development team is pleased to announce the release of MACROS 1.9.1.

This release starts adding new features in the MACROS 1.9 series and also provides timely bugfixes.

The major feature added in version 1.9.1 is the support for classic DoE methods (discrete parameters sampling) implemented in the Generic Tool for Design of Experiments (GTDoE). Previously, discrete variables were supported only in the Optimal Design DoE technique. New version adds the capability to generate discrete DoE to a greater number of GTDoE techniques, namely the Full Factorial, Latin Hypercube Sampling, and Optimal Latin Hypercube Sampling (in addition to the previously implemented Optimal Design for Response Surface Models).

This release also makes the Generic Tool for Important Variable Extraction (GTIVE) more convenient by fixing a number of minor bugs related to processing samples which include significant amounts of redundant data. These bugs had no negative effect on stability or performance, and the goal here was to make the tool's output in various degenerated cases more clear to user.

Next updates in the MACROS 1.9 series will continue to add new features to MACROS Generic Tools. We are currently working on lowering the requirements for the GTApprox Tensor Approximation technique, allowing it to work on samples which do not provide a complete set of data, and on implementing the surrogate based optimization (SBO) support for multi-objective optimization problems. Please contact us to receive more information and MACROS updates!


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