March 18, 2014

Webinar: Introducing pSeven - engineering automation, data analysis and optimization software to solve your design challenges

DATADVANCE is proud to invite you to the series of webinars. At this series, you will learn how to easily integrate your design and simulation tools in a single computational chain, what are the advantages of the engineering analysis process automation and how to solve design challenges you always considered unmanageable with the use of pSeven powered by MACROS technology.

Why attending?

  • To learn how to smoothen and accelerate your everyday work and design process at your company
  • To understand how your product design can be optimized just in a few clicks, no matter what industry your company belongs
  • To get industry proves of the optimization and data analysis in action
  • To make sure you can comfortably use the advanced mathematical methods of optimization and data analysis inside MACROS technology
  • To ask your questions to the leading optimization and data analysis software developers

You will be demonstrated an intuitive and easy to use set of pSeven functionalities, which allow you to:

  • capture your design process by integrating the company tools,
  • perform optimization or data analysis tasks with the advanced MACROS technology simply as if you were dealing with your basic software tools,
  • visualize the results of various optimization and simulation processes and analyze them with minimum effort,

A toy model case will be run to demonstrate the step-by-step process of a high-pressure turbine optimization and show the functionality of pSeven and MACROS technology in action.


Contact Information

location_on  31100, Toulouse, Avenue du Général de Croutte 42

phone  +33 (0) 5 82-95-59-68


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